The World of Trump or The Same Old Stuff?

If you are in the Trump camp then you are probably celebrating his inauguration as the 45th president of the US. Or you may’ve joined the anti-Trump side, so you’re most likely – to put it diplomatically – not in a celebratory mood. Wherever on the pro- or anti-Trump scale you are – or, as I am, not giving much fuck at all, let’s have a look what his coming into the Oval Office means.

Trump is driven by nationalism, greed and predatory hunger for money. His “America First” policy will restore the doctrine of corporatocracy-driven expansion of the US interests into the world of the Nixon, Regan or Bush senior years.

We will see the US government (aligned with the US Financial Sector) to push aggressively for new infrastructure contracts, such as in building & construction, heavy industry, energy & utilities, commercial property development and Information Technology – to maximize net new deals for US businesses operating in the less developed countries (LDCs).

This is so all the money that US financial sector will lend to those LDCs end up later again in the pockets of the US businesses, banks and in the government budget. So that they can continue money printing.

Needless to say, should the soft approach for hunting for new foreign US contracts fail, sanctions, trade barriers (taxes), visas or even walls will be put in place by the US government.

Or in the worst case scenario, leaders of those LDCs who will refuse to give the US what they want – lucrative contracts, access to resources (oil) – will be either overthrown (arranged coup) or removed (assassinated). We’ve got plenty of examples from the past: Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and many more …

The world according to Trump means re-instating US foreign policies of the 1970s and 1980s.

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