The World Is Wonderful

The World Is Wonderful

Recelty, I have started a new Facebook page named “The World Is Wonderful”

The idea behind this was fairly simple. There is a lot of wonderful stuff on social media that I would like to bookmark for myself. To store in some place, so that I could come back to it when I need to cheer up a bit.

Most of the mainstream media today are on the mission to convince us all how bad the world is, such as who the good and bad guys, countries are, which regions are safe and which are not. They are doing this from the ideology & certain governments point of views. Fair enough, but I can tell you, I am no longer interested. I no longer want to be exposed to their “project fear”

So I started The World Is Wonderful. For myself. And I am happy to share those wonders of the world with you. Where this simple small side project will take us, I don’t know. A website maybe? Who knows.

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