I am a free spirit.

A calculated risk-taker and and to certain degree and outside-the-box person (some in the sturdy corporate world could call me a trouble-maker).

Somehow achieving the mark of the age of forty took its toll on me.

Between 2014 and 2016, I have experienced life-changing events – in relationships, my own health concerns, tragedies (deaths) in my close family and in my career. There were some absolutely positive things going on as well. The God arranged a new life-changing relationship for me in 2016, out of which my very first son was born.

For all of the above, I had to stop and think – re-balance my life and values. This included some serious stuff: what life means to me, what I really want to achieve and how I decide to spend my time. That precious time here on Earth. You never know how much there’s left of it, until it’s all over.

Prior 2017, you could have read the usual career & corporatocracy bullshit in this about page. I deleted it in a major update of this page at the beginning of 2017. This page was full of meaningless words such as accomplished, proven, entrepreneur, mouth full of business successes.

Well, I’ve been doing very well in my corporate career, no doubt about it.

However, it was time to move on, learn and then who know find a good company to work with; or build my own.

I love life. I love the world. I love meeting people, travelling, solo or in groups. I love photography. I love going and organizing trips to the outside world. I love making money, so that I can share as I go, start wonderful projects, sponsor or invest into real people and their businesses, no matter how small.

I love the lizard brain. The ability to ship. Enjoying failure. Got the curious mind. Enjoying learning something new every day.

Most of the time I’m confident, but sometimes I am just not. It’s just like the bad hair day.

Highly approachable, always open door policy. Encouraging people. Winning their hearts and mind over, so that I do not have to control-freak over them.

The ability to trust others, the empathy, the ability to visualize various paths and potential outcomes proved to be successful in leadership & people management roles.

As much as I love talking, I much more enjoy listening. That’s where the true knowledge and ability to connect the dots comes from for me.

Mature. Well, I’ve got the age for that already. Find easy to earn trust of my clients and business partners.

Last but not least, I’m not a saint. Far from that. During my life, I’ve hurt many close soul, some of them abandoned, other freed up from my patriarchal slavery. I have exploited various situations, served corporatocracy interests in exchange for a financially secure life.

Enjoying being a father. That feeling when my little one smiles back at me!

Finding new paths in 2018 in my work life.