• It's not the tool that matters

    It’s not the tool that matters

    You can have the best camera in the world, but unless you are a good photographer who can visualize and create images you want to take with it, the camera itself is useless. You can implement the best tool in your organization, but unless your team has the incentives to use the tool well, the […]

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  • While Waiting For The Perfect

    While waiting for perfect

    The best blog posts are those I did not write. The best photographs of mine are those I did not take. And the best businesses I could have had are those I did not start. Those blog posts, photographs and business that only existed in my were so perfect and so beautiful. Imagine, they could […]

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  • It’s not about you

    Prince Roger Nelson known by his mononym Prince is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor. On top of that, he is a genius, great business person and leader. What promted me to write this post anyway? Recently, I stumbled upon one song I particularly remembered from the early 90s. The song in question was “Love […]

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  • Why I Lead by Encouragement

    During my career in various leadership positions at work worldwide, in my own projects, businesses and in my personal life, I adopted Leadership by Encouragement as my management style. I believe my style of leading people counts very much for my own successful career. One of the essential ingredients of Leadership by Encouragement is you […]

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  • Myth: Our business does not grow anymore! Cost cutting will restart our growth!

    You may feel your organization reached the point where things do not go well anymore. Something’s missing. Your managemers only care about keeping their jobs. The┬ácompany no longer wins new business. Subsequently, you start to lose existing business as well. Revenue and profit margin is about to plummet. What do you and your management team […]

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