While Waiting For The Perfect

While waiting for perfect

The best blog posts are those I did not write. The best photographs of mine are those I did not take. And the best businesses I could have had are those I did not start.

Those blog posts, photographs and business that only existed in my head were so perfect and so beautiful. Imagine, they could have been the most successful ones if only I took the step to make them happen.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the perfect idea, perfect light or perfect situation, there are millions of people with their courage, their vulnerability and their willingness to make things happen. Their blog posts, photographs or even businesses may not be perfect. In fact, they are far from it.

But they go out and show up every day. Their ideas interact with other, get shaped, polished and result into success or abandonment.

There are people taking risks to make things happen. Many of them get into trouble for showing up. Some may get fired for starting a project, taking an action, winning a new deal. Because they are threat for those above them in their organizational charts.

If you are that person, showing up every day, making things happen, getting fired from your job for doing something – I want you in my team.