• Building large complex systems is hard

    Building large complex systems is hard!

    One of my earlier blog posts re-published here again. It comes from the period of time back in 2012 when I was in the business of¬†Cloud Solutions. Recently, Mark Thiele of GigaOm published the article “The cloud backlash could be deep”. I agree with most of the conclusions in his article. However, at one point […]

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  • Why we ended up focusing on daily deliverables?

    Recently, I’ve read Ted Bauer’s article “Daily deliverables murdered strategy”. While I agree with most of the points there, I thought it could be worth looking at what made us to focus on the daily deliverables in the first place. Many of us who were at any level in the corporate world would remember either […]

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  • It’s not about you

    Prince Roger Nelson known by his mononym Prince is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor. On top of that, he is a genius, great business person and leader. What promted me to write this post anyway? Recently, I stumbled upon one song I particularly remembered from the early 90s. The song in question was “Love […]

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  • Why I Lead by Encouragement

    During my career in various leadership positions at work worldwide, in my own projects, businesses and in my personal life, I adopted Leadership by Encouragement as my management style. I believe my style of leading people counts very much for my own successful career. One of the essential ingredients of Leadership by Encouragement is you […]

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  • Focus your organization on what you do best

    Once I worked with an organization where sales figures were declining, running projects were comming to an end and there were no new projects in the pipeline. This organization panicked. They decided that they will aim to win public sector tenders. However, the only crieteria that mattered for the company to decide whether to go […]

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  • Cloud applications and its impact on the traditional IT Infrastructure

    Fairly recently, you could have seen number of my Twitter posts, and subsequently some posts on my blog regarding Fujitsu to adopt OpenStack, and the IT industry embracing Docker (or other alternative technologies such as Rocket). If you are interested on alternative technology to Docker, please refer to the following article Docker Not the Only […]

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  • Myth: Our business does not grow anymore! Cost cutting will restart our growth!

    You may feel your organization reached the point where things do not go well anymore. Something’s missing. Your managemers only care about keeping their jobs. The¬†company no longer wins new business. Subsequently, you start to lose existing business as well. Revenue and profit margin is about to plummet. What do you and your management team […]

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  • Why is the Fujitsu announcement to migrate its infrastructure to Openstack a game changer in Cloud?

    In a press release on February 18th Fujitsu announced the plan to migrate its global internal infrastructure to a new cloud platform based on OpenStack. My personal view is that with this significant commitment to OpenStack, Fujitsu makes the most significant contribution to OpenStack of all other sponsoring companies. Additionally, if this internal initiative proves […]

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  • Why Twitter still is The Next Big Thing

    You may have heard the story about a commuter in London who offended Matt Buckland (@ElSatanico), only to realize a few hour later that Matt will be his interviewer for a job at a company he recruits for. This story went viral on Twitter. The on-line media attention followed. I was in Prague at that […]

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