• What I missed while away from LinkedIn?

    On 8th July, I published an article here on why I left LinkedIn. Now that I am back on the platform, you may be wondering to ask “what brought you back Leos?” There were not many things I missed quite frankly: The Industry Gossip. Who moved where, who joins or leaves which company The never-ending […]

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  • OrangePI One Plus First Look

    Expanding on our experience with single-board computers that we can use for our embedded solutions, we have ordered the new OrangePI One Plus from Steven Zhao’s Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO.,Limited company. We placed the order via AliExpress on 3rd of January 2018 – and voila – the package arrived at our office yesterday (19th February 2018). […]

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  • The World Is Wonderful

    The World Is Wonderful

    Recelty, I have started a new Facebook page named “The World Is Wonderful” The idea behind this was fairly simple. There is a lot of wonderful stuff on social media that I would like to bookmark for myself. To store in some place, so that I could come back to it when I need to […]

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  • stop linkedin

    3 Reasons Why I Ended My 10 Years Long Affair With LinkedIn

    My very first personal affair with LinkedIn started way back in 2006. The idea of building up a professional network, or “adding people” to a database online resonated with me. Better than collecting business cards, I thought. The prospect of having my “CV online” for my network to search and contact for potential career opportunities was tempting. […]

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