Centralized or hyper-converged. All obsolete. Decentralized and interconnected.

Imagine taking tens of thousands single-board computers, my favorite OrangePIs for example. Throw-in some storage.

Imagine installing something like NextCloud or SyncThing (or both merged) on them.

Imagine connecting them to the internet all around the world.

Imagine start processing transactions above this Storage Cloud, in the Blockchain style.

What you get is an unlimited scalable and available storage network.

Imagine adding to all these nodes something like IBM’s Gaian Database engine.

What you get is a basis for unlimited scalable search engine, blockchain style for AI purpose that imitates synapses and neuron networks.

Imagine adding MQTT platform allowing any to any system connectivity, legacy or new, and you disrupt traditional players in number of industries (yes, including legacy messaging in airline industry).

Just help us get this concept up and running. We will throw young bright brains of all of you who are 15 – 25 and interested in technology disruption, and wonders of new possibilities will happen.

Possibilities that none of us obsolete dinosaurs of the Information Technology industry could ever be are able to see.