Sharing some first impressions and after being back to LinkedIn 48 hours

Sharing some first impressions and statistics after returning to LinkedIn and deciding to use it as a social network, not a static database of resumes.

Reached 500+ connections in less than 24 hours since reopening my account.

Reached 640+ connections in less than 48 hours since reopening my account.

Invites not sent (yet) to my newly acquired contacts (both strong and weak) since 2016.

Network consisting of about 80% of “old” contacts, 20% new. Funny how the 80/20 rule always works.

That seems to be pretty strong given that I did not engage much (yet) the similar way I was doing years ago – commenting on articles, connecting with people running (and sharing info) about their activities, projects, sales and business proposals.

Average conversion rate to my blog & website much higher compared to other channels used in the past (Twitter, Facebook).

I love the chat feature for communicating with (initially) strong connections from within my network and probably may replace Skype chat in the future.

So far it looks like LinkedIn transitioned from a passive CV library (my impression from 2006-2016) into a decent social network.

Personal preference – I seem to be preferring the mobile app over the website / desktop site, which is new compared to using the site in the past.