• The non-sense of job titles

    One of the first things I faced when reinstating my LinkedIn account¬†was stumbling upon one of the first forms to fill out “What is you current job title”. It got me thinking. While technically speaking I am freelancing, running own company from about 2014, what title should I choose? CEO? I’m anything but corporate. Managing […]

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  • While Waiting For The Perfect

    While waiting for perfect

    The best blog posts are those I did not write. The best photographs of mine are those I did not take. And the best businesses I could have had are those I did not start. Those blog posts, photographs and business that only existed in my were so perfect and so beautiful. Imagine, they could […]

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  • How do we stay relevant in our own industry?

    My recent visit to the Fujitsu Forum 2015 in Munich got me thinking on what established people and companies need to do to stay relevant in our own industry. At the event, you could engage in hundreds of conversations and dozens of sessions on innovation, connected enterprise, hybrid cloud, SaaS, disruption caused by digitization and […]

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  • Why we ended up focusing on daily deliverables?

    Recently, I’ve read Ted Bauer’s article “Daily deliverables murdered strategy”. While I agree with most of the points there, I thought it could be worth looking at what made us to focus on the daily deliverables in the first place. Many of us who were at any level in the corporate world would remember either […]

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  • Myth: Our business does not grow anymore! Cost cutting will restart our growth!

    You may feel your organization reached the point where things do not go well anymore. Something’s missing. Your managemers only care about keeping their jobs. The¬†company no longer wins new business. Subsequently, you start to lose existing business as well. Revenue and profit margin is about to plummet. What do you and your management team […]

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